A Slight Change in Plans

Madrid balcony, where I spent many hours working and people watching. Though my plans to move there long term are on hold, Madrid will always be a home base 

When I made a rough timeline after quitting my corporate travel job to freely travel the world, I thought by December I’d surely be ready to pick a city (probably Madrid), jump through the hoops to be able to live there for more than three months, and be ready to “settle” in one location for a year.

As December draws nearer, I realized that was not the case.  Therefore I postponed my appointment with the Spanish consulate so I could continue the nomadic lifestyle I’ve loved so much.  Without any location ties, I can be a true digital nomad.

I’ve gained so much perspective and inspiration from some of the digital nomad networks that I’ve joined.  These made me realize that, yes I can do it too.  And continue to do it.  Timelines can be changed in order to accommodate my dreams and life goals.

The coolest, and perhaps most freeing thing, about this lifestyle is the complete flexibility.  In the past, I used to make travel plans well in advance.  But now I find myself making them much more on a whim, sometimes just a few days before departure. I do not normally advise this to my clients who have limited time to travel, but with so much flexibility, it works for me.  (Really, if you only have a few weeks to travel, I absolutely advise against making travel plans on a whim or at the last possible second.)

As long as there is reliable wifi I can work from (just about) anywhere.  And once I decide if I jive with a place or not, I can look for more long term accommodations.  If I don’t really dig a location, it is easy enough to just move on to the next.  Seeing and embracing the world while working on location from all over it is something I’ve worked hard for all my life.  Now that I am doing just that, I am not at a point where I feel like it is a good idea to stop.

So while my plans to live in Spain are currently on hold until I squash the desire to be a nomad (if that ever even happens), I will still be returning to Spain.  Spain will always be one of my “home bases,” and it is always somewhere I will return to between nomading.

But for the foreseeable future, I have no plans to settle anywhere or stay anywhere for over a few months.  This is the lifestyle where I most thrive.  It helps my creativity, passion, and drive for what I do professionally.  And most importantly, the more of the world I see means that I can be the best personal travel consultant out there! Because you have to see the world to advise on world travel.

So while I will be on the road, I am still taking on new clients and helping make travel dreams come true.  Let’s get in touch so that I can help you too! Everyone can and should travel, and I am here to help.

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